Cultural Rut


I’m in one. A cultural rut. Does this ever happen to you? I blame it on spending my day with 23 precious but exhausting 5-year olds. Or maybe summer, which is the worst of all seasons when it comes to pop culture (sorry, but it was a not-as-good season of my summer guilty pleasure, So You Think You Can Dance). Whatever the reason, I can’t seem to find my way back into a good book, TV show, movie, etc.

My very favorite podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour, recently dove into the topic. Here’s some advice they gave for avoiding a “cultural rut”:

-Consulting friends
-Consulting strangers
-Eschewing curmudgeonliness
-Dipping into our own libraries for surprises
-Turning on the radio
-Turning off the radio
-Testing our own limits
-Remaining notionally open to things we think we might hate

All very good advice, which I’m going to try to take. I also have the promise of Fall TV, which is always a welcome escape. We’ll see what a new season brings!

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