I’ve been away from the computer, enjoying the summer-y weather, but I didn’t want this place to be completely silent. Here’s a very brief update:


-You know how I get really into TV shows and marathon them and become obsessed with them and write about them on here? The newest one is Doctor Who (The most recent incarnation, not the classic stuff). My boyfriend and I have gotten through Season 5, and are almost done with Season 6. It’s to the point now where every time I ask, “What do you feel like doing?” he’ll reply, “Let’s watch Doctor Who.” Every. Time.

-Speaking of that boyfriend, he and I recently traveled to Milwaukee to spend a rare (for him) no-work weekend by the lake. The weather was perfect, we went to a museum, ate lots of amazing food, and generally had some fantastic relaxation.

-I also met up with my parents last Saturday at Arlington Park Racecourse. It’s halfway for us, and I was really grateful to get to spend some unexpected quality time with my parents.

-At work, we’ve been gearing up for the end of the school year. School’s out next Thursday (June 6th). Is this a safe place to admit I am going to miss school? I am. I love it. And I won’t apologize.

I hope your May is ending well. June is one of my favorite months (lots of birthdays to celebrate!), so I am looking forward.

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