Live Blog of Me Doing My Taxes


8:52 am I can do this, I have all my information right here with me, I don’t need any help, I can do this.

8:54 am Fill in my address. Basic info. This is easy. I can do this.

9:02 am I did not get to fill in any information in the “Life Events” section. Does this mean nothing happened to me this year? There were no events in my life? There were so many events! Apparently not the tax-deductible kind.

9:09 am It’s about this time of year I wish I hadn’t had three jobs in a single year. So many W-2s.

9:25 am That income part took a while, and I didn’t even make that much money this year.

9:26 am YES, deductions. This is the part where I get to write off all those moving expenses and that stupid swimsuit I had to buy for work.

9:35 am I feel like I am not getting very much money back. Hold on while I call my mom to find out how much my sister got back for her taxes…WHAT!? How is she getting back so much more than me???? What am I doing wrong!? This is too hard! I GIVE UP!!!!

And that was exactly the time I gave up and decided to take all of my forms to Indiana over Spring Break so my mother can double check everything.

This was possibly my least-successful foray into adulthood. It took less than an hour before I called my mom crying. IRS: 1, Megan: 0.

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One response to “Live Blog of Me Doing My Taxes

  1. Mom

    Love the picture! Shows what all Americans feel about tax forms. Remember you’re not alone in feelings of frustration!!

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