Glee Recap: I Don’t

I’m finally up-to-date on my Glee episodes, and fortunately for me the show doesn’t come back until March 7th! So although this recap is going up more than a week after the original airing of the episode, it’s basically still current.

Glee has a knack for having a few episodes that confuse and enrage me, followed by an episode that I at least somewhat enjoy. This episode, “I Do,” was mostly the latter. There were some truly funny bits, and while I didn’t consider any of the music download-worthy, it had enough actual plot to keep my interest.

As the title suggests, the episode was centered around Will and Emma’s wedding.


Finn and Rachel meet up at the Lima Bean to chat, which is, I suppose, actually something two former high school sweethearts might do. Finn tells Rachel about the kiss with Emma, and he also informs her he could care less about her boyfriend (whom she is living with only months after ending their engagement). Finn then says the first of two lines which I would love to say to Lea Michele/Rachel Berry: “Not everything has to do with you.” I genuinely thank you, Finn. Rachel explains to Finn that it is still his responsibility to be a good friend to Will, and a good best man. “You always wanted to be an actor, right?” she says. “So here’s your chance to play the role of supportive best man.” Actually, I’m pretty sure he only had that dream because he wanted to be in New York with you, so…yeah. She’s basically telling him to keep following the dream she had for him.

Back at McKinley, Emma, who is planning the reception seating chart, has another great line: “All of you Glee kids have dated so incestuously that I can’t even remember who can tolerate who anymore.” 


Meanwhile, Will is back from D.C.! And he’s still being a total jerk to his fiance and completely pushing aside her mental disorder! And Finn (who he doesn’t know kissed said-fiance) is still his best man, despite the fact that Finn is a teenage former-student! Glee at its finest.

Jake is stressing out about what to get Marley for Valentine’s Day, and Puck has some great brotherly advice, suggesting he buy her lingerie: “Have her put on a fashion show. Chicks love fashion.”

Instead of taking this spot-on advice, Jake enlists Ryder’s help. I was confused as to why Ryder would help Jake impress the girl he likes, but it turns out it’s one of those “I like her so much that I’m going to help my friend impress her” situations that only happen on TV and never in real life.


Jake, with the help of the other male Glee-clubbers (Glee-people?), serenades Marley in class. This is something that I’ve dreamed of/horrifies me in real life. I simultaneously desperately wish it had happened to me in high school, and thank the universe it didn’t. It would have been a great waster of class-time, though.

Before we know it–IT’S WEDDING TIME! The ceremony and reception feature high-schoolers singing, a backdrop that reminds me of a McKinley High dance, and at least TWO women wearing fur shawls. Very classy.

Jake gifts Marley with her favorite flowers (peonies), because, as Ryder noticed, she once mentioned in the choir room that they were her favorites. Let me just say, I have casually mentioned my favorite flowers (peonies) about a hundred times to my boyfriend, and have yet to ever receive them as a gift. So thanks a lot, Ryder, for giving girls everywhere high expectations!

Emma is having serious second thoughts. Luckily, Sue is there to provide commentary and “support.” No sisters or cousins or friends, just Sue.


“Well, of course it isn’t going to work. You’re a weird bird lady with a hollow pelvis and OCD. And Will Schuester is a weepy man-child whose greatest joy in life is singing with children. And his best friend? 19.”

Emma, Will, and the Glee kids then sing “(Not) Getting Married Today” from Company. It’s sort of campy in the best way possible (like “Let’s Have a Kiki” in the Thanksgiving episode), which I, of course, love.

And while weddings being planned and then never happening is a strange recurring theme on Glee, I can see why Emma would choose not to marry Will. She’s one of the few characters on the show that I actually find endearing, and I think she deserves better.

Mr. Schuester goes to find Emma, but the reception will still go on! (Because there are performances planned, and the Glee kids will not be silenced!)


There is, obviously, a great deal of singing and dancing and hooking-up. Finn extends a pretty advanced metaphor for love about gardens, and he and Rachel spend the night together.

flowerHe also delivers my second favorite “line I wish I could deliver to Lea Michele/Rachel Berry”: “I think you’re lying to yourself.” Of course she is.

Also spending the night together are Artie and Emma’s niece Betty; Marley and Jake (who don’t actually sleep together); Quinn and Santana; and KURT AND BLAINE.

I should devote time to mentioning all the other couples, but I want to focus on Kurt and Blaine because I HAVE MISSED THEM SO MUCH. They have some really great moments in this episode dealing with the Tina/Blaine storyline (“You vapo-raped my ex-boyfriend?!”), and while Kurt keeps insisting they aren’t back together, I, like Blaine, want to believe that they are.


The cliffhanger is that Rachel may or may not be PREGNANT. I don’t even want to think about how horribly Glee might handle this storyline, so let’s think about Klaine instead, okay?


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