Incidental Shows

This post should be titled: “Shows I Started Watching Only Because They Were on Netflix Instant, But Ended Up Really Liking,” but that seemed like a bit much for a header. When I moved to Madison, I downgraded from Dish Network to basic local channels to save money. The one exception to my budget was Netflix Instant, which I re-subscribed  to and now use regularly. I started watching the following shows, as I said before, simply because they were readily available for viewing whenever I so pleased, and I ended up becoming a real fan of each.

Downton-Abbey-Series-3Are you kidding me? I was feeling like the last person in all of America and the UK who wasn’t watching Downton Abbey, and I have no idea why it took me so long. I finished the first season in a couple of days and the second in about a week, but I am taking a little breather before the third. No spoilers, please!

The_League_image_FX_network-3bit different from Downton–but still very entertaining–is The League. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it, but now I’m hooked. What drew me in was my love of Chicago-based sports comedies (i.e. My Boys), and my even greater love of Mark Duplass.

louie2I had heard so many good things about Louie, and it was worth all the hype. Honestly, the first time I saw Louis C.K. perform on anything was as Leslie Knope’s love interest on Parks & Recreation. He was great there, but he’s amazing here.

The next show I start from the beginning will probably be Breaking Bad, which I’ve been meaning to watch for a while. Any other suggestions?

{Downton image viaLeague image viaLouie image via}


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