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2012 was…quite a year. I don’t like labeling years as the “best” or “worst” ever, because that implies that they’re similar enough to be compared. And while I’m typically averse to making any resolutions for the New Year, I do have a set of goals I’ve been working on in 2012. In the spirit of fresh-starts and a new year, I thought I’d list these goals to keep myself at least somewhat accountable.

Be a tourist. Now that I’m feeling settled in to my new city, I’d like to spend more time exploring Madison and all it has to offer.

Say “yes.” Starting sometime last year, I made an effort to start saying “yes” to more opportunities. This has led to new and exciting experiences both big (moving!) and small (going to a Snoop Dogg concert–no, I am not kidding. And it was one of the silliest and most enjoyable experiences of my year.)

Drink more water. Because it’s good for your health.

Be thankful. This is a big one that I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’m sort of a jealous person by nature (I don’t think I’m the only one). I tend to want what others have–I don’t just mean material things, but other people’s happiness, contentment, etc. In thinking so much about what other people have, I lose sight of all the wonderful parts of my own life. I’ve been making an effort to live a life of thankfulness, in the hope that it will bring me my own contentment and joy.

I hope you’ve had a great start to the year!


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