The 14 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Day 1: What’s your favorite holiday movie?

I’ve mentioned a few of my favorites before, but if I had to choose an all-time favorite, it would be…

Love Actually.


I read an article in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (#1236) written by Clark Collis and titled “In Love With Love Actually.” The byline read: “How did a film full of death, betrayal, illness, and nudity become a Christmas classic?” You might be wondering the same thing. I believe it’s a combination of excellent casting, beautifully interwoven storylines, and well-placed British humor. It’s cheery and Christmas-y and fun while also being quite honest. It’s just the best. (Although, as I have admitted, I’m partial to the romantic comedy.)

Now I just have to convince my boyfriend that seeing Rick from The Walking Dead as a lovesick filmmaker in LA won’t ruin his opinion of his zombie-killing hero.


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