Absolutely Hopeless

[The most recent episodes of Glee got me so worked up, I almost wrote a rant on here about how the show has seemingly become everything that it set out to be the opposite of–bullyish and racist and closed-minded, with characters that fit neatly into stereotypes, who say (and do) truly terrible things without consequence. But then I decided to be a little less negative and just go back to lightly poking fun at a show that I continue to tolerate/hate. So that’s what it shall be from now on.]


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One response to “Absolutely Hopeless

  1. Morgan

    As Riese said, “Also, when an Issue Episode is about an issue near/dear to my heart, it’s impossible for me to talk about it without raging for 4,000 words, so I’m just gonna emotionally detach myself from this situation”

    I can’t imagine that GLAAD won’t have anything to say about some of the throw-away lines about Unique. It’s like the show forgot that jokes have the ability to be offensive, ya know??

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