Current Obsession #17

I have to confess: This obsession is not so “current.” I fell in love with the Underground New York Public Library website right before the move, and hadn’t had a chance to post about it. I’m so happy I found this site. The creator of this blog, Underground New York Public Library, takes photos of people reading on the train in New York (and gives the title and author of the book).

Here are just a few reasons I love this:

-One of my favorite things about when I worked at a library was discovering new books, seeing what was popular or checked out most often, and observing who was checking out which books. I find it fascinating to know what other people are reading. This site is a wonderful way to get a peek into strangers’ bookshelves.

-When I was going to school in Chicago, I took the train or bus almost everyday. One of my biggest (snobbish) pet peeves has always been hearing people’s music through their headphones, so I never listened to music through headphones on public transportation. Instead, I read books. I’m fortunate that I didn’t have any motion sickness at the time. That would have made it a bit harder to read.

-Someone wrote this in to the photographer/creator of the site: “I love how this blog really represents “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” Many times now, I’ve taken a look at the title of the book, then looked a the person and thought “They don’t fit together…” Then there was a boy, who didn’t look like the kind of person to read any books at all, reading a fairly thick book, and a gorgeous woman, reading a book about how to appreciate who you are, it shows us that everyone has insecurities, and an older man reading [Harry Potter], shows us that the magic never ends.” I couldn’t agree more!


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