Catching Up

Hey there. Sorry it’s been a while. A lot has been happening! Let’s catch up.

Our county 4-H fair was Fourth of July week, which meant rides, mini donuts, the rodeo, and LOTS of horses. My mom was a 4-H member who showed Western Tack, so it’s always a fun and nostalgic time for the family.

My parents also live conveniently close to the fair grounds now, so we didn’t have to drive far to see the fireworks put on by the fair.

Because it’s been so dry here, there was a fire ban throughout most of our state. We opted not to do our usual fireworks show at my grandma’s house. Instead, my amazing cousins put the fireworks fund into renting a bounce house. It was mostly for the kids, but I think my 25-year-old sister and I got as use out of it than anyone (the kids loved it too!).

This past weekend, I went to visit my boyfriend in Madison (WI). His brother recently bought the most precious puppy: half-Huskie, half-Border Collie.

I also hung out by the lake at the Memorial Union on the University of Wisconsin campus. Not to be cheesy, but sometimes sitting by the water is all you need to feel renewed.

More posts soon–you’ve got my word! [I hope my word is worth something.]


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