30 Day Musical Theatre Challenge

The 2012 Tonys are THIS Sunday!! Can you believe it? You wait all year, and then it creeps up on you when you least expect it. What’s that? You weren’t waiting all year? That’s sad for you. In order to prepare myself, I have been using my free time to watch grainy YouTube clips of all the nominated shows and performers so that I will be able to speak knowledgeably about the nominees and winners. I like to maintain the facade that I am very in-the-know of all things Broadway. It’s why people think I’m so cool.

I came upon the “30 Day Musical Theatre Challenge” tag on Tumblr, and it seemed like a great way to celebrate the Tony season. I will be participating on my oft-neglected Tumblr page, Green Glass Love. There’s also a link to the right if you’d like to follow along.

A few notes:

  • The tag I chose was one of a few “musical theatre challenge” tags out there. I chose this one because…well…I liked it the most.
  • FUN FACT! This blog was named after the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie, as was my Tumblr page, which comes from a line in the show.
  • Question: Do you use the spelling “theatre” or “theater”? Both are technically correct, but I did some research and theater is the preferred American spelling (hence the angry red spell check line that appears when you type the word “theatre”), but I prefer the former. Sorry if it sounds snobby.


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2 responses to “30 Day Musical Theatre Challenge

  1. Gregory

    I prefer theatre as well, appropriate for the arts.

  2. Some people use “theater” for movie theaters, which feels more appropriate.

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