My trips to visit my boyfriend in Madison (WI) tend to be dominated by food. This is not a bad thing. My most recent visit last weekend was no exception…

Top Left: Blood Orange San Pellegrino. Top Right: Fromagination. Bottom: My boyfriend (left) with his sister and brother at Brat Fest.

Things I ate this weekend:

  • Pesto Cavatappi from Noodles & Company. I know Noodles is a chain, but we don’t have one here in Northern Indiana, so it’s always a treat. This is my favorite dish from there (my sister prefers their famous Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, and who can blame her), even though I have a weird distaste for warm tomatoes.
  • My sister generously gifted me with a loaf of Spicy Cheese Bread she had gotten from the Farmer’s Market, which is one of the best ever (the farmer’s market AND the bread).
  • We stopped into a cute specialty foods store called Fromagination, which had the most diverse and delicious collection of cheeses I’ve seen. After numerous samples, my sister decided on some traditional cheese curds, and I picked up a Blood Orange San Pellegrino water. I usually prefer my water flat over sparkling, but the Blood Orange flavor was so refreshing.
  • One of the advantages of going to visit with my boyfriend is that his family is Armenian. His grandmother’s recipes have definitely opened me up to foods I never thought I would enjoy. We ate a delicious cracked wheat/meat/bean/sauce type meal with his grandpa on Saturday. When we asked what it was called, his grandpa hilariously replied, “Cracked Wheat food”
  • We got hungry later that night and ordered a pizza from Maria’s, a local place near my boyfriend’s house.
  • Pork Barbecue from JL Richards. My boyfriend’s family was having a cookout, so we celebrated Memorial Day weekend with barbecue sandwiches (one of my favorites).
  • My boyfriend’s sister and I both ate the The Milwaukee Burger from AJ Bombers, where my boyfriend currently works, for lunch on Monday. Basically a pile of cheese, meat, bacon, and onions. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  • I happened to be visiting on the weekend of the annual World’s Largest Brat Fest, so of course I had to go and enjoy a bratwurst (or two, in the case of the bf).

It’s almost…scary to admit how much I ate over the course of those three days. I guess my only excuse is that there are so many good places to eat in and around Madison, I just can’t resist. What’s your favorite “vacation meal”?



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2 responses to “Foooood

  1. Mom

    Makes me hungry after reading this blog!! Makes me want to visit Madison. I guess I’ll just have to go to Culvers and get some cheese curds. Love you, Mom

  2. Gregory

    Redfish caught by yours truly and fried at Doc’s in Gulf Shores. 🙂

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