American Idol Top 3

This is it, America! Top 3! Hometown visits! I haven’t recapped since Top 9, and so much has happened since then. I have to recap, because my proverbial readers look forward to this stuff!

As always, fashion first!

Steven Tyler wore black-on-black because he is taking fashion tips from Phillip; J.Lo went with a baby pink pantsuit because she’s trying to look professional, but not too professional; and Randy Jackson wore an orange blazer and gold, pointy-toed boots because he’s Randy Jackson.

Songs this week were chosen by the judges (Round 1), the contestants (Round 2), and Jimmy “Beats by Dre” Iovine (Round 3).

I’ve always enjoyed “judge’s picks” because they comment all season about right and wrong song choice. Randy picked “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James for Joshua Ledet. It’s good, because Joshua is vocally very good, but they’ve brought back the vintage handheld microphone which he holds like a delicious treat.

The judges love it!

J.Lo chooses for Jessica, describing the song as, “one of my favorite songs…there’s a tenderness in this song that I feel that she will kill.” And she chooses…”My Love Don’t Cost a Thing” by Jennifer Lopez! Just kidding. But wouldn’t that be great if she described one of her own songs that way? In reality, there is not a single song in the J.Lo songbook that could be performed with a straight-face on American Idol.

She actually chooses “My All” by Mariah Carey, which causes my sister and I to pause the show and have one of our infamous (to us) mini-freak outs because we both love this song so much. The problem is, those low notes are just too low, and there’s a reason contestants don’t sing Mariah on this show. If anyone could do it, it would be Jessica, but even she struggles.

For Phillip, Steven’s chosen “Beggin'” by Madcon. Phillip wears gray-on-gray and does a nice job.

Now…hometown visits! I prepare myself to laugh and cry because that’s how they prepackage this stuff to make you feel during the hometown visits.

Joshua shows more personality during his visit to Westlake, Louisiana than he’s shown all season. My problem with Joshua, which I’ve said before, is that I don’t really feel like he’s shown his true self. I don’t know him well enough to connect with his music. The hometown visit helps, because his dad is a preacher at a tiny, tiny church and his visit there is Precious Moment® #1 of the night.

Joshua chooses to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon, which has been done a million times on this show. We end up fast-forwarding through it, so I guess I didn’t give it enough of a chance to critique it.

To Chula Vista, CA we go! I don’t know much about Chula Vista, but I love saying its name. Jessica and her brothers have a tearful moment, and you can tell they just miss having her around so much, and this causes me to cry and experience Precious Moment® #2 of the night.

Jessica sings “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith and I ask, “Whyyyyyyy???” It’s just not right for her, but Steven Tyler likes it. Jessica wears a jumpsuit.

Phillip Phillips goes home to Leesburg, Georgia. I commented to my sister that I want every father to love their son as much as Phillip’s dad loves him. He loves him so much! He literally can’t take his hand off his son’s shoulder. And then we get to see the rest of Phillip’s family, and they ride in the parade, and Phillip openly weeps and then wins American Idol. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. What I meant was, this is Precious Moment® #every other number.

Phillip sings “Disease” by Matchbox 20 which takes me right back to middle school.

Now on to Jimmy’s choice, heavily sponsored by Beats by Dr. Dre, as all things related to Jimmy Iovine are. Joshua Ledet is given “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige, and as I’ve said before, my sister loves Mary J. Blige. Joshua screams the ending, which sends the crowd/judges into a tizzy, but I think he’s past the point of over-singing. Mary J. did it better. Here’s a video, just for my sister:

I forgot to mention, the previous contestants are in the audience tonight, including Joshua’s numberonebiggestfan, Hollie Cavanaugh. She is freaking out during “No More Drama,” turning back to Skylar and causing a real scene. I dislike Hollie Cavanaugh. She’s the girl from every high school ever who is overly peppy and annoying. You know who I mean, and if you don’t, it means you were that girl.

Jimmy has unfortunately chosen “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5 for Jessica’s final performance. This would have possibly been a good choice at some other point in the season, but it wasn’t the “big moment” Jessica needed. I feel like it’s unfair to her that he gave Joshua a real show-stopper and then this to Jessica.

Phillip sings Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight,” and he sounds so good singing it in a way that he has never sounded on the show.

And the final 2 heading into the finale ARE…

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. Exactly what I wanted.

Have you watched any of the episodes this season? Do you feel like the right two made it to the finals? Feel free to be as strongly opinionated as me!


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