I was thinking back to this post, and how I said I “couldn’t connect” with the show The New Girl. While I am still not Zooey Deschanel’s number one fan (like the rest of the blogosphere), I am now seriously in love with the show. It is hilarious and awesome and the supporting cast is to die for.

So, I changed my mind. Forgive me.

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2 responses to “Addendum

  1. Maureen

    My favorite Nick quotes:
    “No! Why can’t we all just love each other, right? Want a science project? How about this as a science project: love is a myth. Why is this Earth so big and I am so small? So yay, Earth! Be optimistic; learn. We’re all gonna die alone, so.”
    “I want to kill you…because I respect you. I think I understanding hunting!”
    “This is President Miller of Earth, I’d like to talk to speak with the Galactic Emperor. Yeah, it’s about money.”

    The episodes have been so good lately that I want to go back and watch the first ones that I dismissed because the theme song was so terrible.

  2. “HEEEEEY girrrrl.”

    Nick Miller SHOULD be the President of Earth.

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