Weird Thing I Do #849

Being an avid reader, I have put a lot of thought into the best bookmark. Seriously, more thought than anyone I know. It is IMPORTANT. As a kid, I was constantly losing my place due to not using a bookmark. I’d try to remember page numbers using mnemonic devices (“Okay, Megan, you are on page 156. Remember this by thinking of your best friend who rides bus 56 and then just add 100.” Something like that.) Wouldn’t it have just been easier to grab a piece of paper to mark my place. Yes. Why didn’t I? I was a strange child.

So in my adulthood, I’ve made more of an effort to keep my place so as to not have to reread two full pages before I realize I’ve read all of it before. And my winner for best bookmark? The Post-It.

I don’t like using anything that creases the pages. (I despise folding over corners of the page.) Regular, non-sticky bookmarks just end up falling out by freak accident. So the Post-It note just logically works. It stays in place. When you’re not reading, you can simply stick it to the back cover of the book so you know where it is when you need it. You can’t lose it! And it doesn’t crease the pages!

I may be weird, but I actually think this is smart. I’m curious, what do you use for a bookmark? Do you have a better option than my own? Maybe something more green? This is important, people.

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6 responses to “Weird Thing I Do #849

  1. Maury

    I use my library receipt. It’s automatically printed, so I don’t waste any paper. Green winner.

  2. as a train-ride reader i like to use my ticket – its very easily accessible for when the man asks me for it and it serves the mutually-beneficially purpose of ensuring i don’t lose it. practicality is key!

  3. Lindsay

    for about 5 years I used my Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince book mark that I received at the book party at Joseph Beth…but this past Christmas I got a bookmark as a gift from my secret santa at work so the Harry Potter bookmark has retired and now is safe in my night stand. but my new one is super cute :). but i do think the post it idea is smart. also, be proud i’m commenting!!! finally!!!

  4. Mom

    I can’t believe you use post it notes. That’s what I’ve been using!!!! You must have somehow inherited that idea.

  5. Maureen

    The bridge is a solid tribute to your post-it bookmark:

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