My Favorite Board Games

If you asked the people who know me, “What is Megan’s NUMBER ONE FAVORITE thing to do for fun?”, they would answer: board games. [Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, they would probably say, “reading.” But board games would be a close second, and for the sake of this post makes a more climactic answer. And makes me seem like a heck of a lot more fun.]

If you ask me to play a board game, it doesn’t matter how I feel or what I’m doing or what age you are or what type of game you want to play — my default answer is YES. But here’s the thing: People hate playing board games with me. Please, let me explain. I am an introvert in most aspects of my life. But when I play games, I am a different person. (Or maybe I am my true self??) I am competitive and outspoken and a trash-talker. People HATE being on my team, because I blame any failure in gaming on my teammate because COME ON we all know it’s not my fault. My mom openly despises playing Cranium with me. My mother, queen of all kindness and motherly tenderness, flat-out refuses to be on my team, or on an opposing team. Who am I!??!?

Anyway, I digress. This is meant to be a list of my top board games. So list them is what I shall do.

4. Trivial Pursuit.

I should specify that I only enjoy the “Junior” edition of this game. Any other edition just makes me feel dumb, and I’m even college-edumacated.

3. Clue.

While I’m not much into murder/mystery type books or TV shows or movies, I am into murder/mystery games. This was one of my childhood favorites as well. My typical strategy is to try to throw off my opponents by guessing characters or weapons that I actually have, although now they know my strategy and will not fall for it.

I always secretly hoped to get the Miss Scarlet card, because she was the youngest looking woman, so I naturally related to her the most.

2. Catchphrase.

I know. It’s not technically a board game. But it is a game I play frequently, and therefore it deserves to be on this list. It works better with a large group, but I’ve modified it to make it possible to play with two people as long as you don’t want the other person to fail. You just give clues back and forth to one another, and play for the fun of it. Now, does that sound like a mean-spiritied, competitive player to you? NO. I am not always mean during games.

And my number-one-all-time-would-play-it-every-day-if-I-knew-enough-people-who-would-want-to-play-with-me-game is….

1. Cranium.

I am OBSESSED with this game. Everyone in my family and all of my friend know it. I have several different editions of the game. And here is why:

It is the perfect game. It combines every other game you like, every skill you could have, and rolls it into one flawless little package. There are four categories: Data Head (True or False, multiple choice, general question/answer format), Word Worm (spelling words backward, word definitions, word puzzles/riddles), Creative Cat (sculpting, drawing with your eyes open, drawing with your eyes closed), and, my personal favorite, Star Performer (charades, act like the famous person, name that tune by humming). There is literally SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. My sister is my favorite teammate, but I will play with anyone who offers. The Cranium Wow! edition even comes with cute little characters whose hats/hair you can change. My sister and I always use “Usnavi.” Here he is:

And here’s his namesake:

Did I mention that, along with board games, we are obsessed with musicals? Okay, anyway.

That, in a nutshell, is a list of my favorite board games. Here are some runners-up that for various reasons (as specified below) did not make the short list.

Scene It? – Have to have a DVD player, repeats clips if you play it a lot.

Apples to Apples – A fun game, but you have to have a lot of people to really make it fun, and like I said before: No one ever wants to play games with me.

Also, you have to have a judge, and I don’t like leaving my win/lose fate up to a judge.

Balderdash and Quelf – You need at least four players, and I don’t have enough friends.

Scattergories – Like I said, I don’t like games with judges.

SO, what are your favorites? If any are the same as mine, do you want to compete??

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One response to “My Favorite Board Games

  1. Maureen

    I want to go on record stating that our Cranium Sister Duo has only been beaten once. And it was a fluke.
    Cranium would be my favorite game if you could take out the purple on the dice. Because then we would undefeated (re: my first two sentences).
    Personally, my favorite game is Apples to Apples, but like you said, we don’t have many friends so we hardly ever get to play it. Also, I can’t ever play it with you, TMM, because you have telepathy and always know which card I play because I tend to gravitate towards ironic/sarcastic answers rather than literal. Also, I hardly ever win, because the average A2A player prefers a literal answer and so my cards never get picked! RANT! Waaa!

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