7 Days of Christmas: Day 4

There always comes that time around Christmas for me when I start to get too stressed. Those last few gifts I forgot about need to be bought and wrapped. I need to clean the apartment before any guests arrive. I need to find something to wear to my graduation party (okay, this only happens once, ever).

I made the mistake of going to Target today after school to pick up a couple of things, and it was so crazy there I started to get a headache. I had a moment, like I do each year, where I thought, “Why the HECK does everyone buy gifts for one another, what a colossal waste of money, let’s just boycott next year.” It reminded me of that part of God Grew Tired Of Us where John, an African refugee, asks what Santa and trees have to do with Jesus’ birth. Good question, John.

Sorry for getting so personal, I think I have a combination of sadness about my leaving my students tomorrow (after my student teaching), and stress over getting the to-do list done. I need some perspective. Anyone else feel like this??

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