7 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Hello. Are you there? I know I’ve been gone, but I’m determined to come back. Which is why I am celebrating the “7 Days of Christmas” (7 because this is the day I’ve decided to start posting, and there are 7 days until Christmas). So here’s Day 1.

One of the movies I bought on Black Friday that I couldn’t believe I didn’t already own was While You Were Sleeping. This was romantic comedy when romantic comedy had some genuine cuteness, and Sandra Bullock is the cutest of the cute. It’s Christmas-y and funny and sweet, and I am going to watch it tonight. While thinking about the movie, I realized that characters in Christmas movies have the best houses. It’s always beautifully snowy outside, and there are candles in the windows and wreaths on the doors. Also, a surprising number of them are white (with or without black shutters). What is it about a house being white that makes it so beautiful around Christmas? Take a look at a small sample:

{While You Were Sleeping}

{Sleepless in Seattle (not technically a Christmas movie, but this was a Christmas scene. Sorry about the shoddy quality, I had to take a screen grab while the movie was playing on my computer to get the picture.)}

{The Family Stone}

These also happen to be some of my favorite “movie houses” of all time. What are some of your favorites? Home Alone? Miracle on 34th Street?

[Also, while finding these pictures I discovered this addictive compilation of different TV and movie houses that I have wasted way too much time looking through.]


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