I Sometimes Try New Things

I’ve been a bit busy during the month of July, enjoying visits from family and taking my own little vacations as well. One of the great things about summer is the extra time allowed to take trips and experience new things. I am not one who normally likes change to my routine, but in an effort to loosen up a litte, I tried TWO–count them, TWO– new things while on vacation in Wisconsin. Here’s what I did:

I ate my first gyro.

No, I had never even tried one. I’m used to trying delicious, new (to me) Armenian foods while in Wisconsin, because my boyfriend is half-Armenian. But Greek food is another story. I went to Parthenon (316 State Street, Madison, WI) with my boyfriend’s family, and they encouraged me to try my first gyro. If you, like me, had never eaten a gyro and don’t know what it contains, a typical gyro is basically meat, onions, tomato, and yogurt sauce on pita bread. And it was tasty.

I went to my first water park.

Due to a completely irrational fear of water slides (dating back to a childhood incident in which I slipped and was too wimpy to ever try going on one again), I’ve never had an interest in water parks. But I agreed to go to Noah’s Ark Water Park with my boyfriend and his brother and sister in the Wisconsin Dells. And…It. Was. Awesome. The coolest/most terrifying of the slides and rides was Scorpion’s Tail, pictured above, during which they weigh you, shut you in a chamber, and let the floor drop from beneath you following an ominous countdown. It’s apparently the only water slide with a loop in the country or something along those lines.

Are you trying anything new this summer? Something about the heat makes me braver (or just more delirious and susceptible to peer pressure).


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