Summer Treats

My absolutely adorable almost-4-year-old cousin had his first ice cream truck experience this week, and it reminded me of some of the things I love most about summer: cold desserts. Not that I don’t eat cold desserts in the winter, I just tend to prefer them when the temperature reaches around 90 (as it did today). His pick for a treat: an ice cream drumstick. Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere recently tried out a homemade version, which looks absolutely delicious.

I usually went for malt cups. Lately, my cousin and I have been devouring Minute Maid Soft Frozen Lemonades to help us cope with the heat. So many delicious choices. I need suggestions–what’s your favorite summer treat?

{image via cupcakes and cashmere}


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2 responses to “Summer Treats

  1. BShook

    Agreed on the cold desserts. Also it should be noted that summer is the time for iced coffee drinks! I hadn’t been to Starbucks for months – but in the last week I’ve gotten 2 venti iced cafe lattes with a shot of vanilla.

  2. Iced coffee is the BEST.

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