Thoughts on 90210

I watch so you don’t have to!

This week’s season finale was filled with an appropriate number of hookups, breakups, parties, and shocking revelations to satisfy me over the break. I should mention–don’t judge me for watching this show, this is my guilty pleasure, it is better than it looks, I swear I’m a good student and respectable citizen.

Silver and Adrianna are friends again–but only for a moment! Silver doesn’t know that Adrianna actually switched out her medication for Bipolar disorder with placebos, and lied about being kissed by Silver’s boyfriend. But, as a postmortem hallucination of Javier reminds Adrianna, secrets always come out. When Silver finds out the truth, she is none too happy. Thankfully, a suicidal Adrianna decides against death, deciding to turn her life around. I am happy about this, because this mean Adrianna was annoying to watch, and she’s too pretty not to be on the show.

[I found this photo on we heart it, I swear I did not create it myself.] Naomi and her boyfriend Max get caught cheating on a term paper, and Naomi takes the blame (I mean, girl is rich, she can afford to get expelled at the last minute and still survive), but Max has too clean a heart and fesses up, at the last second, that the cheating was his fault. They are forced to part ways when Max’s parents are, um, understandably a bit unhappy about their son going from Valedictorian to high school degree-less is a matter of seconds. They want him to stop seeing Naomi and go to Cambridge for the summer so he can still go to MIT (unrealistic much, 90210?? Oh yeah, I forgot what show I was watching). But…SPOILER ALERT…Naomi stops by to tell Max about her blood test and…cue the season-ending cliffhanger…OMG she’s pregnant!

The gang gathers for Ivy and Raj’s wedding (Raj has only a couple of years to live, that’s the reason for the shotgun wedding, by the way). I’ve never been a huge fan of Ivy’s (maybe it’s the monotone), but I love a good TV wedding!

Another gem courtesy of we heart it! Annie and Liam are boring, but I guess I should include that Annie decides to support Liam is his choice to work on a fishing boat for a couple of months instead of going to college and still loves him and blah, blah, blah.

And I leave you with this. I wanted to include this picture because it contains three of my favorite things: Navid (second from left), elephants, and Dixon (far right). Why does Dixon always get the boring story lines?? Dixon needs a girlfriend or a drug problem or SOMETHING! My sister loves to remind me of how Tristan Wilds used to play a much cooler character on The Wire, so, shout out to her.

How did I write SO MUCH about this show? Too much free time.

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