Glee Prom

After what was actually a very good episode last week (“Rumours”), hopes were high for this week’s prom episode of Glee. And with the return of JESSE ST. JAMES, it did not disappoint. Allow me a few thoughts…

Jessie knows how to make an entrance, appearing in the doorway of McKinley’s gym with his skinny scarf draped around his beautiful neck, while Rachel is rehearsing Rolling in the Deep.” (Note to Glee: Stop trying to make Adele covers happen. Gwyneth’s “Turning Tables” was hard to watch (not in a good way), and this new attempt is only redeemed by the appearance of Jonathan Groff and my nostalgic Spring Awakening flashbacks). I couldn’t be happier that Jesse is back, only because I want to keep hearing Jonathan sing.

In what was one of the cuter, more genuine things to happen this season, Artie serenades Brittany with “Isn’t She Lovely” during Home Ec (yes, Mercedes, this song is about a baby. It’s still cute!). Brittany turns him down, and who can blame her after the heartbreaking moment last week when Artie called her stupid (“You were the only person at this school who had never called me that.”)

We also get the opportunity to watch Rachel overdramatize “Jar of Hearts” while staring angrily into Finn’s eyes, causing Quinn to SLAP HER (Oh, snap!). Also, tendrils are really happening at this prom. Are those still a thing?

And despite the nasty prejudice of Kurt’s during this episode, we can all agree Blaine was the cutest date, right?

While things were a little shaky there near the end, with everyone breaking down in tears and lamenting about the troubles of love and high school and friendship, all ended semi-well with “Dancing Queen” and group pictures. Can we please get to Nationals and more Cheyenne Jackson, please?!


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