Spot the Henley

Ian (Ryan Merriman) on Pretty Little Liars.

More important than the henley is the man wearing it. That is the guy from Smart House (!!!!), one of my favorite Disney Channel movies of all time.

[Sidenote – I was a big fan of lots of Disney Channel movies, including but not limited to: Smart House, Zenon, Brink!, The Thirteenth Year, and Alley Cats Strike.]

I was about 10 years old when this movie came out, and I wanted to live in in that house so bad. I wanted to throw parties and have the house clean up the mess for me, and order my breakfast and have the house make it for me, and have my entire wall turn into a screen that played B*Witched videos to wake me up in the morning. Of course, now there are houses that are even cooler than this, but it was 1999, people!

And Katey Sagal, who was in the movie, recently won a Golden Globe (not for her work in Smart House, unfortunately). So…moral of the story…people from Disney Channel Original Movies can go on to do great things, like wear henleys on Pretty Little Liars.


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  1. Maureen

    The house also played Five, the legendary boy band! “Jump, jump, the house is jump-an!”

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