Thoughts on 90210

What better way to make my return to blogging than by recapping the most cheesy show on television, one which no one watches but me?

The season premiere of 90210 started, oh so appropriately, with an earthquake (not only metaphorically, but literally).

We were introduced to a new character, Oliver, Ivy’s childhood friend who is now living with Ivy and her mom. Dude has a ponytail, which is almost as bad as Dixon’s afro (maybe worse??). Oliver gave me the heebie-jeebies (no better way to describe it) right away, with his wannabe-Chuck Bass smolder and accent. YOU ARE NO CHUCK BASS, MISTER!! I was correct in my first impression–he hit on Ivy AND he’s having an affair with her mother. Ew.

During this episode, we were also gifted with an advertisement–no wait, I mean cameo–by Khloe and Kim Kardashian. The sisters helped Naomi pick out a dress, which she couldn’t pay for. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Naomi (not for this). Kim’s acting was absolutely terrible, but she looked pretty. I think that’s the point.

Annie and Liam experienced some will they/won’t they tension. They’re into each other, but Annie has apparently decided to become moral all of a sudden and doesn’t want to betray Naomi by dating her ex.

Important question: Why were there no screen grabs of my girl crush Adrianna on the CW’s website for this episode?? Despite getting into a terrible car crash, which killed her ex-boyfriend/tour mate Javier, she still looked freaking beautiful. She was distraught by Javier’s death, but not too distraught to steal some of the music he’d been writing and pass it off as her own. Javier turned out to be a jerk (pre-death), but we all know where this  is going. (P.S. I am glad Javier is dead, not because he’s a jerk, but because I want him to have more screen time on Pretty Little Liars. He is just so cute/sweet on that show. Not at all like Javier.)

Why do I waste so much time on this show? Some questions will forever go unanswered.

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2 responses to “Thoughts on 90210

  1. Maureen E.

    Did you notice that the Indian guy (you know I don’t know his name) made an appearance in True Blood this season?! I just watched the episode yesterday!

    And Dixon looks super fat in that hoodie in the first picture. Maybe just his hair is bloated and it’s an optical illusion.

  2. That Indian guy? I’m guessing you mean Navid, who is Persian on the show and Central American in real life (I think I read that on Wikipedia). He was Indian in the Cheetah Girls movie. I am just realizing how versatile his looks are as far as nationality. And YES I saw him on True Blood. His versatility extends to playing a gay hooker killed by a vampire. I love him.

    Dixon does look fat. I think it’s an illusion.

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