Summer Sports

Yes, I am actually about to post about sports. It doesn’t happen too often, but they’ve taken up such a significant amount of my time this summer that I figured it was worth mentioning. Those who know me know I love baseball, but oddly enough I haven’t gotten to watch too many games this summer. Maybe it’s because my beloved Cubs are as bad as ever, and I’m lacking patience to watch them lose (as a Cubs fan, this is something you can usually get used to). Whatever the reason, I need to get back into it because I’ve been watching way too much World Cup soccer. That’s right, soccer.

I should mention I love any global sporting event (i.e. the Olympics), and I can support any sport with that many good looking people playing it, so my interest shouldn’t be too surprising. Nevertheless, it’s not a sport I typically watch so I’ll admit I’m a bandwagoner {made up word}. I cheered for the U.S. until their recent elimination, and now I’m for Spain. Mostly because it’s the only team I have watched play a full game other than the United States. My reasoning is good.

But don’t worry! This current obsession will be short-lived and I’ll go back to being a shallow American elitist as soon as the World Cup ends.

Also, I should mention I have been to an MLB game this summer. I saw the Twins and Brewers play in Milwaukee, and took this picture with my phone (adjusted using my TiltShift Generator app). Kinda cool, right?

{photo via my iPhone}

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