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Do you watch a television show that no one else you know watches? With the amount of TV I watch, it’s no surprise that this has happened to me. I started watching Skins a little over a year ago, and I talked about it in this post. It’s really popular in the UK, but not so much in America (probably because it only airs on BBC America, and even then only after it has premiered in Britain). Nevertheless, I’ve been able to find ways to see new episodes and it’s still one of  my favorite shows.

{series 3 & 4 cast}

I’ve had trouble getting into Series 4 (the most current season), mostly because it’s so…heavy. It’s a drama, and with Skins you kind of have to expect that all the characters’ drug-use will eventually lead to some sort of trippy montages, but I still like the show best when it’s a little more upbeat. We’ll see how the season goes.

I know that no one will know what I’m talking about, but when you don’t know a single person who has even heard of the show, you have to resort to talking to your blog about the episodes.

Oh, and for those who care (why doesn’t anyone care??), the show features some awesome music. I call this my “Ultimate Skins Playlist” from Series 1-3:

Time to Pretend – MGMT
A Little More of You – Ashley Chambliss
Wild World – Cat Stevens
Fool – Cat Power
Love Lockdown – Kanye West
Le ciel dans une chambre – Carla Bruni
Sea of Glass – Tom Middleton
I Am a Full Grown Man – Phosphorescent
Crawled out of the Sea – Laura Marling


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