White Bread

Tonight I was craving a childhood favorite–fried bologna on white bread. I don’t like plain bologna, I only like it fried in a skillet. My love of fried bologna started at Kelly’s in Lexington (KY) near where I grew up (it has since closed). On special days when I went to work with my Dad, we would often go there for lunch, and I would always order a fried bologna sandwich on white bread and a chocolate milkshake. I wish that place was still open–there’s nowhere else that compares.

Somehow, my train of though went a little off track, and I was reminded of this hilarious video. It’s been years since I’ve eaten sliced white bread (I usually try to stick with wheat), and I forgot how terribly it sticks to the roof of your mouth. I can sympathize with Charles Barkley here. I never thought I would say that. Watch this hilarious video to see what I mean.

[photo from here]


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