Taylor Swift – SNL

Confession: I was not looking forward to Taylor Swift hosting Saturday Night Live. She tends to be sort of awkward on television and I remember not thinking she was very funny when she appeared in a skit last season while a musical guest.  But…last night’s episode was pretty great. Everything just seemed to come together for the cast and writers, and it turned out to be incredibly enjoyable.

Taylor mentioned in earlier interviews that she was going to go all out and not hold anything back in her hosting duties…and she wasn’t kidding. Her monologue was probably my favorite part.

In a song appropriately titled “Monologue Song (La, La, La),” Taylor addressed everything anyone’s been wondering about. A little sampling of the lyrics:
“You might think I’d bring up Joe, that guy who broke up with me on the phone, but I’m not gonna mention him…in my monologue. Hey Joe, I’m doing well, tonight I’m hosting SNL, but I’m not gonna brag about that…in my monologue.”
It’s a must-watch!

Taylor did a number of impressions, including Kate Gosselin.

She also did a pretty convincing Bella-esque character in a Twilight spoof for the digital short.

I loved the “Texting While Driving” sketch, because it’s true…parents get just as distracted as teens. Especially “Driving While Trying To Balance Hot Coffee”–my Dad is definitely a victim of this!


It was great having Amy Poehler back, even just for “Really?!? With Seth and Amy.” I miss her.


This week also heralded the return of Andy Samberg [who was conspicuously absent from the Gerard Butler episode].


I love when the actors break character (probably one of the reasons I love Jimmy Fallon so much), and Bill Hader pretty much lost it during this sketch.


All in all, a fun episode. Well done, Taylor.


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  1. Taylor swift seemed to enjoy taking jabs at old boyfriends, etc… I guess this is one of the perks of being a super-celeb

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