The Lady Gaga Show

Last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Ryan Reynolds, but you could’ve fooled me. Poor Ryan was upstaged by the always-flamboyant Lady Gaga. This would have been great, if I were even remotely a Lady Gaga fan. As it is, I prefer my music without all that extra…stuff that is Lady Gaga’s performance. I’m not saying she’s not a good singer, there’s just too much going on beyond the singing for me to even be able to appreciate the music. Anyway, I’m just a little disappointed that SNL is not confident enough in their sketch comedy to have to make such a deal out of their musical guests.

Okay, enough of my rant, let’s get on to the show.

-It was really a surprise the show opened with a criticism of President Obama. They’ve casually poked fun at him, yes, but this was a real statement about what Obama has/hasn’t done while in office.

-Per usual, my favorite part of the show was the Digital Short, “On the Ground.” Go here to watch it.

-I’m ready for a digital short of “Boombox,” one of my favorite songs from Incredibad.


-Scarlett Johansonn (Ryan Reynold’s wife) made a special appearance in a so-so sketch about porcelin fountains. Appearances by spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends can be funny, but it’s getting a little excessive.


-Also making a special appearance: Madonna. She was featured with Lady Gaga in Kenan Thompson’s house music sketch. I found this completely awkward and unenjoyable. I have to admit, I think I would have enjoyed it more if Kristin Wiig was playing Madonna.


-Seth Meyers had some good moments on Weekend Update. As a longtime Cubs fan, I was only mildly offended by this one: “Although many in Chicago were disappointed with the decision of the international Olympic committee [to not hold the 2016 Olympics in Chicago], Cubs fans took the news best, as they are used to hearing the phrase, ‘Chicago has been eliminated.'” The truth hurts. But it’s okay, he also got the Yankees with this one: “It’s being reported that Kate Hudson may be pregnant with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez’s baby, and if true, it would be the first time A.Rod has ever produced in October.”


-Andy Samberg reprised his impression of (a much larger) Kevin Federline in “So You Committed a Crime & You Think You Can Dance.” I always love Will Forte as a creepy convict.


-Lady Gaga somehow mildly redeemed herself with this final sketch. Andy Samberg in a bubble suit makes my day.


Until next week…with Drew Barrymore and Regina Spektor!

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