Current Obsession #7

My father will have a heart attack when he reads what I’m about to write.

huffingtonpost-thumb-630xautoI am obsessed with The Huffington Post. For those that don’t know, it’s on online newspaper, covering everything from world news to politics to entertainment to comedy. Sure, it leans pretty far left, but I like my news accompanied by big color pictures. My Dad will be disappointed by the fact I don’t read a printed newspaper. We’ve had many a conversation about the demise of the written word. But I’m not switching to a Kindle here. I’m just looking for up-to-the-minute news and info that’s easy to navigate without getting ink all over my hands. So, sorry Dad, but I love HuffPost, and I’m probably not switching anytime soon.


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One response to “Current Obsession #7

  1. Greggory Peccary

    BUT you can’t read the print off the page this way!!

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