We have a great show for you tonight

This summer I read the book Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, as Told By Its Stars, Writers and Guests. I like to mention as often as possible that I read it, because that book was 656 pages long. It gave me an incredible appreciation for SNL and what goes into it (and what comes out). I’m so glad it’s back for the new season. Last night’s host was Megan Fox, and the musical guest was U2. Here’s a recap/some thoughts:kristinmegan

-I like the new opening credits. And not just because Andy Samberg looks so cute.

-I have to admit, I’m not a Megan Fox fan. I know we share a name, but even she admits she hasn’t really done anything to prove herself as an actress. She was adequate last night, more of a prop than anything else, aside from the airplane sketch with Kristen Wiig (where she looks frighteningly similar to Anne Hathaway while wearing a wig).

-Speaking of Kristen Wiig, thank God for that woman. In a way I feel bad because she has to carry every female sketch, but that’s okay with me. The more screen time she gets, the better.

-I always look forward to Weekend Update. It doesn’t matter how bad the sketches are going, I can always depend on Seth Meyers to give me a couple good laughs. Also, who doesn’t love Kenan Thompson’s Jean K. Jean? seth meyers-Watching Kenan on SNL makes me feel old. I was a kid when he was on Kenan & Kel. Good for him for moving beyond that show.

-Bill Hader and Fred Armisen make any average sketch above average.

bill-Will Forte’s army-looking haircut is really working for him. Just had to mention it.

-My favorite sketch of the night was, of course, one of the (two) digital shorts, “Megan’s Roomate.” Megan’s bf Brian Austin Green makes a cameo.


-I was surprised by how much of the show was pre-taped. Kind of depressing.

-And now the only thing anyone will be talking about from this episode: new cast member Jenny Slate (from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s 7th Floor West) dropped an F-bomb. I wasn’t really feeling the biker chick sketch to begin with (it was a little too “Wayne’s World” for me), and she was kind of asking for it by having her sketch revolve around the word “frickin'”… jenn-…but cut the girl some slack. The show is live and it was clearly a mistake. It was pretty close to 1am at that point. I’m pretty sure people who watch TV at 1am are okay with hearing the F word.

-I’ll leave you with this picture from the “goodbyes” (Oh wait, one more thing about the goodbyes. Watching all of them hug it out at the end is one of my favorite parts of the show. It’s like, they’ve spent this week working their butts off, and it’s a sort of celebration of the week being over. But instead of showing that last night, they cut to U2 performing. Not that I don’t like U2, but I’m one of those people who takes a snack break during the musical numbers.) Anyway, it’s clear Seth Meyers is trying to make Jenny Slate feel better (or maybe she’s trying to make herself feel better by hugging the head writer). Hopefully this won’t be the end of her SNL career.snl_1555_83-P.S. Ryan Reynolds hosts next week!

(photos via nbc.com and huffingtonpost.com)


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