2009 Emmy Awards

Considering how much time I spend per week watching TV, it was only appropriate that I should enjoy the Emmy’s. Okay, they were no 2009 Oscars, but who wasn’t curious/excited to see the incredibly entertaining Neil Patrick Harris host this year after his fantastic job at the Tony’s? In my favorite scoring style, let me tell you what I thought.

It’s best we start off with a clip of NPH’s opening number. Why has no one written an original musical for this man?! +5

Enough with the Kanye jokes. They were all over the pre-shows, and it was torturous. Luckily, there was only one in the broadcast, but that’s still one too many. -3
Tina Fey uses the term “lady blazer.” +2
sarah_moustache_lSarah Silverman wears a mustache for her nominee shot. I don’t love Sarah Silverman, but this is hilarious. +2
Kristen Chenoweth wins for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Pushing Daisies. I was rooting for Amy Poehler, but since Kristin is a Broadway actress, I have to be happy for her. +1
Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men beats NPH for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Maybe it’s because I’m not a fan of TAAHM, but, come on. Really? -4
Toni Collette (United States of Tara) beats my pick Tina Fey for Best Actress in a Comedy, and is the definition of un-funny in her speech. Tina would have brought it. And why do movie actors always win in these categories? -3
Alec Baldwin wins for 30 Rock. Yay for 30 Rock, but I was rooting for Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory. A totally underrated show! Even
Random dancing interlude from Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. -2
I always feel rude, but I kind of zone out during the TV Movie/Miniseries categories. Does anyone really watch TV movies or miniseries? -1
dr-horrible_lNPH does a Dr. Horrible segment. Probably very confusing for those who don’t know/love Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (because to know it is to love it), but fantastic nonetheless. And he speaks the truth on the perils of watching television on the computer. We’ve all been there! +4
I thought the Television Variety Show montage was highly entertaining. Anyone else? Just me? Ok. +1
Uh oh, Jim Parsons is wearing NPH’s shiny tux from the Tony’s. -1
Variety Writing Nominee segments are always the best. +4
Jimmy Fallon and his autotuner. +5 Have a look:

Ricky Gervais is a presenter. Somebody let this dude host an awards show, please. +3
The Daily Show always wins whatever it’s nominated for, beating my beloved Saturday Night Live. As @ewpopwatch said, “Gotta ask: if SNL can’t win after the year it had… can it ever win again?” -2
The “In Memoriam” segment is touching as always, but was Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” the best choice? Is this 1999? Even
I will always love and respect Michael J. Fox. +2
I’m only on the beginning of Season 2 in Mad Men so the clip shown was a total spoiler for me! -1
30-rock_lGlenn Close and Bryan Cranston win for Best Actress and Actor in a Drama. I have watched neither of their shows, but they both seem nice enough, which gets them points. +2
But Jon Hamm lost. -1
Mad Men and 30 Rock win for Best Drama and Bets Comedy, respectively. Two of my favorite shows, and deserving winners. +3

So that’s the 2009 Emmy’s. Did you take the three hours out of your evening to watch it? Did you do as poorly as I did with your winner picks? What do you think were the best/worst moments? Let me know!


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