Lessons in Love: Gossip Girl Style

Cute BlazerNow that I’ve recapped the first episode of Gossip Girl Season 3, how about a little recap of how the cutest pretend-teenagers woo their ladies.

First, Chuck will do anything for Blair, letting her know, “I just want you to be happy.” Oh Chuck! I love it when you’re sweet!

Then Carter supports Serena by criticizing her father. “Who is he to not want you?” Carter, you are redeeming yourself from last years sleaziness!

And then there’s Nate, who assures Bree he’ll have no problem keeping their romance hidden because “I’m good at secret relationships. I’ve had a bit of practice.” Um, was it just me or is this not romantic at all? Is this supposed to impress her? Nate, you are incredibly good looking. You were way the best dressed at the polo match. But letting the girl you like know you’ve had experience in condemned and secretive relationships…not so smooth.

I guess they’re supposed to be young. Some are still learning.


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