Which prom would you rather go to?

It was apparently Prom week on the CW, as characters on both Gossip Girl and 90210 celebrated their respective proms. If you watched both episodes, I’m curious…which one do you think looked like more fun?

Blair and Nate at the Gossip Girl Prom

In my opinion, the GG prom seemed a little stiff, but I guess they do it classy on the Upper East Side. Blair wins best dressed for this crazy yet awesome Marchesa gown, featuring a (conveniently coordinating) headband-like crown after she won Prom Queen. Typical Blair.

Navid & Adrianna on 90210...I love them as a couple, by the way

90210’s prom, on the other hand, looked like a good time, despite their silly theme (a Hollywood theme at a West Beverly Hills High School prom? Really, they couldn’t get more creative than that?). Adrianna’s my vote for best dressed, and not just because my girl-crush Jessica Lowndes plays her character. Adrianna was rocking it despite being 8 months pregnant. I want this dress, only in non-maternity.

If only we could transport the Gossip Girl characters into 90210‘s prom and then put me in the middle of it, wearing Adrianna’s dress. That would be my fantasy prom.

On a totally unrelated note, remember this post? Of course you don’t. Anyway, I finally cut my hair! Yay!


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