Please, a Kris/Adam Finale!

YOU. I want YOU to vote for me.

Okay. American Idol Top 3 performances were tonight. I am simultaneously typing this and voting through text (along with the occasional call-in, just to be safe). For a full recap, PLEASE head over to Entertainment Weekly‘s website for Michael Slezak’s expert and hilarious opinion tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Until then, let me just say that it should, if all is right with the world, be an Adam Lambert/Kris Allen finale next week. If it’s not…well, I don’t even want to go there.

Yes, Adam should win. He has the most incredible voice American Idol has heard in years and enough personality to overshadow at least five of the Top 10 “recording artists” featured on iTunes Top Songs. There is no doubt in my mind that Adam should (and will) be the winner of American Idol. But tonight, Kris Allen showed us all why he deserves to be up there on the finale stage with Adam over Danny Gokey. Randy and Kara chose “Apologize” by OneRepublic for the judges’ choice, after which Kara criticized his non-rearrangement of the already-great song. Simon was right, Kara–“You can’t choose a song for him and then blame him for doing the song.” Luckily, Kris blew everyone away with his second choice: “Heartless” by Kanye West. There are those (cough my sister Maureen cough) who would say Kris was copying Mia from MTV’s Taking the Stage, but let’s be honest, who watches Taking the Stage (other than me and Maureen)? In reality, he was copying The Fray’s version. But who cares if it was a little copycat!! Adam did it with “Mad World” and last season’s winner David Cook did it with “Billie Jean“. The fact that brilliant artists cover brilliant covers doesn’t make them any less brilliant! Right?? Okay, going off on a tangent. The gist is…Kris Allen deserves your votes, America. And your respect.

P.S. Who heard Toto’s “Africa” being played in the background of the “Idol Gives Back” segment? My high school choir totally did an a capella version of this. And by some luck I got to sing Tenor instead of Alto. Oh the memories.

*Update: It is indeed a Kris/Adam finale!


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