The Model as Muse

I was reading up on the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Insitute Gala (it was last night), which is basically a big party where celebrities are at liberty to take fashion risks. This year’s theme was “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion”. Here are some observations:

Ashley Olsen

I am only mildly embarassed to admit that I am a true fan of the Olsen twins. It dates back to my early childhood, when I would constantly watch The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and through my pre-teen to early teen years, when I unashamedly loved their straight-to-VHS movies. Mary-Kate’s gotten a little too crazy for me, but Ashley has incredible style. And I love this white dress from the Olsen’s own line, The Row. The front is unimpressive, but with a reverse side like this, who cares?

Bar Refaeli

And can I mention how I find Bar Refaeli incredibly beautiful, without sounding creepy? I should hate her (I mean, she’s dating my first love Leonardo DiCaprio). But she’s almost too beautiful to hate. I think she might be my new favorite supermodel. Yes, I am replacing Gisele Bundchen with Bar, since I’m still bitter about Gisele pimping out stepson John in Vanity Fair.

JT & Jessica Biel

Another dress I loved was Jessica Biel’s Versace Atelier. It was nice that she took a risk without going too far. Sure, she’s looking a little too bronze, but disregard that and everything else works. I’m not usually a fan of Jessica, but anyone looks better on the arm of Justin Timberlake (who, by the way, is totally channeling my boyfriend Andy Samberg with those glasses).

Some Crazy Girl/Man

Rihanna, what is this? It doesn’t matter that it’s Dolce & Gabbana, it’s still crazy. Am I the only one out there who is so NOT a Rihanna fan??

See the rest of the looks here. What are your favorites? I also liked Kate Hudson and the always beautiful Claire Danes. How do you feel about Rihanna? Leave comments!

(photos via justjared &


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