NYLON’s Young Hollywood

That's Skylar on the right

Okay, so this is pretty much turning into a page totally devoted to Spring Awakening and Skins.  But I got so excited when I heard both Skylar Astin, original Georg in SA, and the cast of the 3rd series of Skins were featured in NYLON magazine’s Young Hollywood Issue.

Skylar (that’s him on that dude’s back) was also in Hamlet 2, and will appear in the upcoming Taking Woodstock (with SA costar, Jonathan Groff). Also, in a strange coincidence, I watched the documentary Stagedoor about Stagedoor Manor theatre camp today (only a loser like me would rent that movie), and Skylar was one of the background “characters”. Appartently he went to Stagedoor Manor camp when he was a kid.

It (obviously) makes me so excited to see former Spring Awakening members do TV and movies, and being featured in major magazines!!

Skins Series 3 in Nylon

And then I turned a couple of pages and there was the cast of my favorite British TV show Skins! I’ve written about Skins before, so no need for me to repeat how much I love the show here. Nylon is usually too cool a magazine for me (I’m not a hipster nor do I want to be, and I don’t live in NYC), but I think I will actually end up purchasing this issue.

(photos via Flickr)


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