Current Obsession #5

I am SO obsessed with the Entertainment Weekly website’s American Idol section, especially the ‘Idolatry’ recap videos. There are video and written recaps, news, photo galleries, and a spot where you can vote on not only who you think is going home, but other silly things like whether the judges will reference Allison’s age or if Adam will be wearing nail polish. The recap videos are hilarious…here’s one where Michael Slezak and Kristen Baldwin critique the first week of finals. (Beware, Kristen does NOT like Danny Gokey…sorry Danny Gokey fans).

P.S. I thought Kris Allen totally brought it this week, and was way better than my usual favorite Adam Lambert. This was the first week I have ever voted for anyone on American Idol (I’m admitting it right here, in written word, for anyone to see). I voted twice by text for Kris Allen. He was just so cute and little!


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