I’m in a Wedding Mood

I am obsessed with weddings. When I hear the words “wedding”, “engagement”, “bridal”, etc., a light in my head goes off and I’m immediately taking mental notes. So you should probably just expect that every once and a while a post will be dedicated so some sort of wedding business. This is one of those posts.

The first topic: Engagement Photos. I normally find them terribly cheesy and unnecessary. But Joanna Goddard from Cup of Jo and Smitten and her fiance Alex have the cutest artistic engagement photos. If they’re done like this, they’re a DO. Here’s a sampling:

Joanna & Alex 1

Joanna & Alex 2

Alex & Joanna 3

Alex & Joanna 4

Aren’t they cute? I love the balloon. You can see the rest here.

Then today, Joanna’s blog featured these wedding invitations from jeremy and kathleen:

Wedding Invitations 1

Wedding Invitations 2

I love everything about these invitations, especially the photobooth engagement photos (another non-cheesy engagement photo idea!). I always liked the idea of a black and white photobooth at a wedding, where guests can take pictures and then paste one in a guestbook with a note to the couple. I also love that Jeremy and Kathleen signed each invitation…it adds another personal touch.

I’m feeling the love today.


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