Gossip Girl Loves Broadway

Can we discuss how many Broadway actors have made appearances on Gossip Girl? Three Spring Awakening cast members have been featured (two of whom were Eric’s love interests….hmmm…): Jesse Swenson as Asher Hornsby, Remy Zaken as Frightened Girl #2 (seriously, that’s what she’s listed as), and Matt Doyle as Jonathan Henry (still appearing in some upcoming episodes). Then last night, the supercute Aaron Tveit (Hairspray, Wicked, Next to Normal, and the upcoming Catch Me If You Can) as Nate’s cousin, Tripp Vanderbilt.

Aaron Tveit

It probably has something to do with Gossip Girl being filmed in New York City. I am all for it. I’m placing bets on who will be next. My fingers are crossed for a scene set in Washington Heights featuring Lin Manuel-Miranda. It would be the most awesome scene in Gossip Girl history, would it not??


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