High Rise, Overtime?

I’m about to devote more time and internet space to MTV’s The City than it should ever deserve. But as a loyal viewer of both The Hills and The City, there’s a lot that needs to be said and answered.

The City

First of all, I learned so much about The City today on the internet and in magazines that I just need to share the knowledge. [All my information comes from blogs “Girls in the Beauty Department” at Glamour.com and Gawker, as well as TV Guide Magazine]. Some important questions answered:

Q. Did Whitney and Co. actually graduate?

A. While Whitney’s degree from USC and Olivia’s degree from New York’s The New School are still in the works, Erin did graduate from NYU. Interesting that Whitney and Olivia got jobs girls work their whole lives to get without even having college diplomas.

Q. Do Whitney and Olivia actually work full-time for Diane von Furstenberg?

A. Seems sketchy. A call to Whitney’s office resulted in an anonymous voice mailbox. It is rumored that if they do work there, it’s only part-time, if that.

Q. What’s the deal with Olivia’s cousin, Nevan?

A. Turns out Nevan’s been arrested at least three times, once for soliciting a prostitute and offering to pay with drugs. Classy.

Q. Who is Erin Lucas?

A. She was born Erin Williams, but apparently now goes by Erin Lucas. Her father is Cliff Williams, bass player for AC/DC (you can see pictures of he and she on the walls of Erin’s apartment in certain key shots).

Q. Do Erin and Whitney really live in those swanky apartments?

A. Erin and Whitney do live two blocks from one another, but exterior shots belong to buildings where neither of them reside.

Q. How can they afford such nice apartments?

A. I was really wondering this after Erin revealed in this weeks episode that she has been jobless for quite a while. Whitney was making $20K for each episode of The Hills, so chances are she makes even more for each City episode. And Erin’s apartment is actually being paid for by her father.

Of course, there are many other pressing questions, but some may never be answered. I mean, let’s be honest, no one watches The City or The Hills because they think it’s reality. But that doesn’t mean we’re not curious.

And I NEVER thought I would say this, but my favorite “character” on The City is…Allie. Turns out her job is legit, unlike most of the cast. She has appeared in some high-profile projects, including a Duran Duran video, various ads and videos for Diesel, and in this Urban Outfitters catalog photo:

Allie Crandell in Urban Outfitters

Erin also did some catalog modeling. I still don’t like Allie’s boyfriend, Adam, but at least Allie works for her money.


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