Current Obsession #4

I can’t stop reading Meg Cabot’s books.

n157456I finish one, and then I go to get another one from the library. I started reading her books when I was much younger (she writes young adult novels, as well as adult fiction), and now that I’m a little older, I am loving her just as much. She writes basic chick-lit, really easy and quick to read, but it’s hilarious. Seriously, I actually laugh out loud. I can’t get enough of her characters and stories. Right now I’m going through her “Size 12 Is Not Fat” series. Yes, it is embarassing to be carrying around a book called Size 12 Is Not Fat or Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, but it’s worth it to have people look at you funny. I’m planning on reading everything she’s ever written. Including the young-adult stuff. That’s how much I love her.


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