Current Obsession #3


Not to get into a habit here, but my new current obsession is a television show (just like my last current obsession). This time, it’s a very different type of show. I started watching Skins because Dev Patel was one of the minor characters (he plays the oldest Jamal in the masterpiece Slumdog Millionaire) and I seriously couldn’t stop watching it. It’s an television show from England…basically it is about a group of teenagers, only it’s depicted way more raw than anything on American television. Seriously, they hold nothing back. While it’s often difficult/nearly impossible to understand what the characters are saying with their incredibly thick accents, it’s fascinating nonetheless. I can’t help but want to pretend that all the characters are real, they’re just so cool. And yes, when I first started watching the show I felt like I was on some sort of weird drug every time I watched it (as evidenced by this musical clip), but it’s a pill I’m willing to swallow.


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