Current Obsession #2

I’ve come into a habit of watching entire seasons of television shows on my computer. I got through all four seasons of Weeds and then moved on to 30 Rock. I tried to get into 30 Rock when it first came out, and could keep up, but when I started watching the new episodes again recently, I decided to go back and watch the first two seasons. I got through Season 2 in a day. ONE DAY. This shows two things: One–I have a lot of free time. And two–This show is amazing! It is seriously laugh-out-loud funny and also smart. We all know Tina Fey is a genius. If you don’t watch 30 Rock already, you should.30

Favorite 30 Rock Quotes:

“Hey, did you hear the good news, JD? I’m Irish Catholic now, like you, Regis, and the Pope!” –Tracy

Jenna: “Why don’t you go to Abercrombie and Fitch?” Liz: “Ugh, no, it’s too loud in there.”

Kenneth: “I don’t vote Republican or Democrat. Choosing is a sin. So I always write in the Lord’s name.” Jack: “That’s Republican. We count those”


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