The New 90210

Sexy Cast

Everyone I know and everything I read seem to have a different opinion on the new 90210, airing on the CW Tuesday nights at 8pm. My first reaction after watching the two hour series premiere last week was that it was kind of funny (in an awkward way) and not really on solid footing–in my sister’s words, it was “predictable”. The original series was before my generation, so I don’t use that as a comparison. I was initially comparing it to Gossip Girl, which is admittedly one of my favorite shows. It wasn’t really up to the caliber (on a measure of scandal, class, fashion, humor and drama) that Gossip Girl is, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

And this week, I actually kind of liked it. It helps that many of the cast members are incredibly attractive (Ethan! That guy that plays the Dad!–I think I’m old enough to say that). But this week, while still a tad predictable, I realized that this is a show that you just can’t take to seriously. And after I let myself have that assumption, it was all enjoyable from there.

Now, a quasi pro-con list of the show for those of you on the fence over whether or not to start watching (I heart lists):

1. It has a good amount of drama and scandal, necessities for a CW series.

2. Plenty of romance, somewhat predictable, but attractive nonetheless (Will Naomi and Ethan break up and get back together numerous times? Yes. Will Ethan and Annie ever hook up? Um, yeah. Will Silver and Dixon hook up? Duh.)

3. They wear really cute clothes (I amaze myself with my intelligence).

4. There are “older” characters as well as “young” characters, for all you past 90210-ers.

5. Cool shots of LA.

6. Like I said before, really attractive people.


1. Some of the acting is great (drunk Grandma and Aunt Becky from Full House, I’m talking about you all). Most of the acting is terrible. Especially the young actors. Dramatic scenes are laughable because of this.

2. The actresses are too thin. Seriously, worse than on Gossip Girl.Especially Annie and Silver. It makes me uncomfortable.

3. The predictability, as previously mentioned. The father is the principal at the school, so naturally in the first episode he faced the conflict of when to be a Dad and when to be the Principal while punishing his son. Silver has an alcoholic mom, so obviously she and Dixon bonded over the fact they come from bad homes. No surprise.

4. The Spring Awakening scenes and that girl that’s constantly singing out loud while listening to her iPod are cringe-worthy. Seriously–don’t you realize people can hear you!

4. It will never be Gossip Girl.

Ok, so that was ridiculous, but I’ve been dying to talk about it. Watch the show, form your own opinions, or don’t check it out at all. The ball is in your hands. Metaphorically.



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